Customer Experience

The quotes are displayed as they were received by me. Each unique, special like the students themselves. Can you feel the love in their hearts?! Wow I am truly blessed to cross paths with each and every one of them.

“I just wanted to say “thank you” for providing Bodhi Prem Yoga! It is such a sacred healing space and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that is offered, it is an oasis which helps me remember what is important!”

“Just wanted to thank you so much for class last night. My shoulders and neck feel amazing….I think there was a whole lot of healing going on during class and in shavasana. Thank you for providing a loving, healing environment.”

“Thank you for all that you offer….you make the world a better place.”

“As always I want to thank you for providing Bodhi Prem Yoga as a place of solice and personal fulfillment. In the course of my hectic, stress filled days, Bodhi Prem Yoga offers a very welcome sigh of relief and fulfillment for my soul. Thank you for the variety of courses and classes you offer. It is so greatly appreciated!”

” Out of all the yoga classes I have taken….your classes are my favorite…I love the Gentle Yoga..and its lasting effects. Not only the yoga but the meditative state after puts me in the zone!!”

“Bodhi Prem Yoga is a place I go where I am free to be myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I love your studio because it has a cozy feeling. I also think you are an amazing instructor. I also like that you ask the students if there is something particular they want to work on during the class and you accommodate those requests. I always walk away feeling great and having a deeper mind body connection.”

” I love your studio and classes and will only take yoga classes at your studio because it is amazing. Thanks for everything!”

“I love the energy of the room (and you) I feel totally at peace.. body mind and spirit when I leave there… It seems that this class is the best I have done in all the years… as it seems to incorporate HOLISTIC…yoga.. (body mind spirit) not a physical fitness program…geared only toward body work… It also has a very lasting effect..which is great !!”

“You have created such a warm and inviting environment. I always feel great after having been there. What I love the most is the wonderful greeting that I always receive from you no matter how long it has been since I was there last. Thank you so much for that! You are a beautiful person inside and out and always make everyone feel welcome. That is why people love to come to Bodhi Prem Yoga. ”

“You provide a safe, calming, spiritual and compassionate environment. You teach with the intent to help us feel better when we leave than when we began the class session, and you teach us to feel better about ourselves.

“I love the fact that I can join in the class without previous knowledge of yoga.”

“I love that it is a very safe family type environment.”

“I learn something new every time I am there and leave rejuvenated.”
“It is a welcoming and comfortable place to be– mentally, socially, spiritually & physically.”

“What keeps me cpoming back includes the friendliness of your groups and the variety of yoga and spiritual exposures I get. I always feel welcomed and peaceful in your studio.”

“my favorite (before you) was the Himalayan Institute when it was in Glenview..and obviously you carry the same essence they did…”

“Oh Chrysa, I can’t even begin to tell you how your class has brought me so much joy! I have become so relaxed. Believe it or not, I display much more patience with others. You have taught me how to take in my surroundings and I’m also now able to take my time and really think things through before moving forward. What keeps me coming ? The amazing ability you possess in soothing the mind, body and spirit in a way that makes me more determined to share this good fortune with everyone I know. I truly look forward to participating in your class twice a week and feel out of sorts whenever I am not able to attend. You are definitely a God send and the best Acharya ever!”

“The most relaxing and energizing part of my week.”
“Chyrsa’s yoga classes are a place of serenity, clarity, and beauty for me. Chrysa makes her yoga classes a wonderful place to “be” by exuding her beautiful energy. Thank you Chrysa for being you.”

“Being recently new to your class and to yoga all together, I was not sure what to expect. I have found myself feeling so peaceful and in tune with myself since starting your class. I feel that I have found something that I take great pleasure in doing and is wonderful for my mind, body, and spirit. I look forward to going to yoga class every monday now. Thank you for all you do!”

“I feel very comfortable at the studio. It is a welcoming atmosphere. I keep coming back to Bodhi Prem Yoga and your class specifically because you structure the class around your students needs. You ask us what we want to concentrate on. Since I am a rookie at yoga your gentle yoga class is excellent for me because of your instructional cues and the class size is not overwhelming. In fact, I was at a class where there was only myself and another student and you did not cancel due to lack of students and still taught the class just like a regular class. I think it is great that you offer your gentle yoga class 2x a week since it allows students to get at least 1 class into our schedule. I feel you treat your students with dignity and respect. You remember individual names even if they have missed several classes. Also, when we miss classes you do not judge us and when we return you welcome us back as if we did not miss any classes. This is going slightly off topic but you referred me to Dr. Spiropoulos because you felt he might help me to get to where I wanted to be physically and I appreciated this referral. You are very ‘passionate’ and knowledgeable about yoga both in the physical movement and spiritual sense. You do not just take attendance, teach the class, and leave. Yoga and your students mean a great deal to you and this comes across in your instruction and interaction with your students. ”

“What makes your yoga classes so enjoyable is the demeanor of the instructor. Your ease of teaching, your humor, kindness & warmth make you look forward to going to a class. Don’t change a thing!!! Stay as wonderful as you are!”

“The Bodhi Prem Yoga studio is an exceptional place to heal – both physically and emotionally – by both the positive energy in the class and by the guidance of the experienced instructor.”

“I feel peaceful when I am at the studio. Your voice, the movements and then the wonderful stretching that I so desperately need. I feel, no, I know you take a personal interest in me and my health.Thank you for your caring and wonderful stress relief, boy I sleep well after your class, gosh I feel so good after your class!”

“I attend your yoga classes for several reasons:
1. It makes me feel healthier
2. It relaxes me….make me breathe
3. And, you present the class in a way that reinforces the above. Good stretching, good balance and calming. What could be better? I can really feel the difference in my body and mind when I am “forced” to miss a class.Thank you. I do appreciate your class and I encourage everyone I know to attend! “